Connect and manage multiple
    social media accounts

    Never miss another important

    Monitor and manage your brand
     across social media as well as
    engage with your customers

    Analyze data to make effective social media marketing strategies

The smarter way to manage your social media
Publish, Monitor, Analyze & Report with ENPICK

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    • How can I save time and improve productivity while still managing many social media accounts?

      • Publish messages and content on mutliple Facebook and Twitter accounts at one time.
      • Schedule updates in advance to reach your audience at optimal times while still running your business.
      • View all your social media and profiles at once and mark new messages so
        you never miss an important message.
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    • How can I know what customers are saying about our brand and who is saying positive things?

      • With Monitoring, you have everything you need to listen and respond to messages on Twitter and Facebook.
      • Find social leads in real-time on who’s talking about topics related to your business; then, you can engage with them right from your Dashboard.
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    • Compare your brand to your competition's?

      • Learn from your competition. Benchmark your performance against your competitors.
      • See who is talking about you and your competitor's brand and, more importantly, what they're talking about.
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    • How can I find and engage with new customers?

      • ENPICK provides information on the top 20 influence users information.
      • Find new customers talking about your brand and engage with them by replying to messages and posts right on your dashboard.
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    • How can I manage and communicate with overseas branches?

      • ENPICK provides multi-lingual support:, English, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese
      • The features are the same for each language so you can communicate with team members at overseas branches.
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