Terms of Service

This agreement shall regulate the rights, the duties, the responsibilities between the company, Andwise, Co., Ltd. and its members, and other matters needed regarding all the services provided by Andwise, Co., Ltd.

1. The Definition of Terms

  • A.Definitions of the terms and expressions used in this agreement are as follows; 
  • " Services" shall mean all the services related to Enpick which members can  use, regardless of terminals(including  such wire-wireless devices as PC, portable terminals etc.). 
  • The "Member" shall mean users who conclude agreement with the company according to this user's agreement, and use the company's services which the company provides"
  • "Posting" shall mean messages, pictures, video files, and various files and links such as signs, texts, voices, sounds, images, and video files posted on the services while members use the services."
  • "Charged service" shall mean various online digital contents( information contents, items, and other charged contents, etc.) and other services provided by the company. “

2. Notice, Effectiveness, and Revision

A. The company shall post this agreement on the homepage of the service for the member  to refer to. 
B. The company can revise the agreement to the extent that it does not violate such related laws as the law on the  regulation of agreement, the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and the protection of information.
C.  If the company wants to revise this agreement, the company shall officially specify the application date and the reason for the revision, and make notice according to the method mentioned in article A from 15 days before the application date of the revised agreement till the application date. In case of revision which is unfavorable to the member, the company shall make notice at least 15 days before the application date and in addition to the notice, clearly give notice of electronic notices such as e-mail, message, pop-up window at the time of log-in.
D.  If the member does not express any declaration of intention even though the company explicitly has notified  that if the member does not express intention to refuse from the announcement and notice date till the enactment date of revised agreement while the company gives notice to the member according to the above article, it shall be regarded as approved, the revised agreement will be regarded as approved.
E. If the member does not agree to the revised agreement, he/she may terminate the agreement according to the article 18. 

3. The Interpretation of the Agreement 

A. The company may employ additional agreements and policies(viz. charged service agreement below) for the charged services and individual services. If this agreement and charged service agreement conflict, charged service agreement will first be applied. 
B. Charged service agreement and related acts and subordinate statute or commercial practice shall be applied for the matters or interpretation which are not otherwise stipulated.  

4. Membership and Use Contract

A. The contract for use shall be signed from the time when any user who wants to be a member for service use(applicant) agrees to accept authentication of SNS OAuth.
  • B.The company shall accept in principle the application for the service use. However, the company may not accept the application or terminate the contract afterhand  in the following cases.
  • The applicant was once disqualified according to this agreement, except that the applicant receives the company's approval of membership.
  • The applicant uses other's name without permission.
  • The applicant puts in false information or does not enter the information required by the company.
  • The approval is impossible due to the reasons attributable to users, or the applicant makes application, violating the requirements stipulated.
C.  The company may defer the approval, in the event the company has no related facilities available for the service, technically or by business problems. 
D.  The company should in principle notify the applicant of disapproval or deferment in the event of article C or D above.  
E. The company may divide members into classes according to the policy of  the company, and differentiate its services based on use time, frequency, and service menu, etc.
F. The company may place limitations on the service for the member according to the grade and age to comply with Promotion of the Motion Pictures and Video Products Act, and Juvenile Protection Act.

5. Personal Information Collection, etc.

A. The company may collect personal information from the member according to the regulations of related laws to provide its services. 

6. The Change of the Member's Information

A. The member shall be accessible to his/her own personal information any time and change the information through the member information management screen. 
B. If any personal information is changed, the member shall change the information online, or notify the company of the change by way of e-mails or other methods available. 
C. The company shall hold no liability for any disadvantage caused by failing to give notice to the company of the changes mentioned in article 2. 

7. Duty of Personal Information Protection

A. The company shall try to protect the member's personal information according to the related laws such as information network law. Related laws and personal information treatment policy of the company shall be applied to the protection and use of personal information. Personal information treatment policy of the company shall not be applied for the linked sites to the official site of the company.  

8. Responsibility for the Management of Member SNS I.D. and Password

A. The service can be used by the authentication procedure of SNS OAuth. The member shall be responsible for the management of member SNS I.D. and password needed for authentication of SNS OAuth. The member shall attend to the illegal use by the 3rd  parties.  
B. In the event that the member is aware of the illegal use of the SNS OAuth by the 3rd party, he/she shall report to the company and follow the company's directions. 
C. The company shall not be liable for member's disadvantage incurred by failing to give notice of the illegal use to the company, or to follow the company's directions in case of article B. 
A. Unless otherwise stipulated, the notice of the company to the member may be electronic means such as e-mails, electronic messages, and pop-up windows at the time of log-in.
B. As for the notice to all the members, the company can substitute the notice in article A with posting notice on the company's bulletin board for 7 days.
A. The company shall not commit any deeds which are prohibited by the related laws and this agreement, or are against public morals. The company shall do its best to provide continuous and stable services. 
B. The company shall be equipped with a security system to protect personal information(including credit information) and post and comply with the notice of personal information treatment policy for the member to safely use the services.  
C. The company shall handle any opinions or complaints from the member regarding the service use, if they are regarded as justified. The company shall also use the bulletin board or e-mail to deliver results for the opinions or complaints from the member.
B. The member shall comply with the regulations and guidelines and any cautions and notices from the company regarding the services, and shall not commit any deeds interrupting the company's business. 
B. The services are available right after the approval of the service contract.
C. The service time is, in principle, 24 hours a day(00:00-24:00), 7 days a week, except when the service is impossible technologically or for some unavoidable reasons. The company may designate time and date for the specific service for the regular check-up of the service facilities.    
A. If the contents of the services are changed, or a certain service is terminated due to the change of SNS service interworking through Open API, or the beginning of new service, the company may post the change of the service contents or termination on the service page of the company website. 
B. In case of the above article, the company may post notices to the member on the notice page of the company website when giving notice to unspecified individual members. As for the material matters affecting the transactions with the member, the company shall post the notice for considerable time. 
A. The company may provide various information through posting notice or e-mail if the information is regarded as needed while the member use the services. The Member can refuse receiving e-mails any time except the replies to the transactions or user's inquiry according to the related laws.
B. If the company intends to send the information in Article A by telephone or fax, it shall obtain consent in advance from the member except the replies to the transactions or customer's inquiry.
C. The company may post advertisements on the service screen, website, or by e-mails regarding the service operation. The member who has received advertisement e-mails may refuse receiving the e-mails from the company.
D. Users(both the member and the non-member) shall not change, modify, or limit the postings and other information regarding the service provided by the company.
A. The copyrights of the member's postings on the service belong to the writer of the posting, and he/she shall take all the responsibility regarding the copyrights.  
B. The Postings have the possibility of being exposed to searching, or service related promotions. The postings may be partly changed, copied, or edited, if needed. In this case, the company shall comply with the regulations of copyright laws, and the member may take measures of requesting to delete, exclude, or close the postings  that matter through customer service center, or management functions of the services any time. 
C. If the company intends to use the member's postings by the methods which are not mentioned in article B, the company shall obtain consent from the member in advance through telephone, fax, or e-mails.   

16. Use of Marketing Event Service

A. As for the event services provided by the company, the member shall comply with the following directions.
A. The member may terminate the use contract by deleting services in SNS service any time and by denying OAuth authentication and account linkage. 

18. The Limitation for Use

B. Despite the article above, the company may immediately suspend the use of its services, if such violation as providing illegal programs, interrupting regular operation, illegal communication and hacking, distribution of malicious programs, and exceeding access authority are committed. In the event of permanent suspend of use, all the benefits obtained through the service use shall be terminated  according to this article, and the company is not liable to the termination of the services.  

C. The member may submit formal objects to any limitations for the use according to the procedures designated by the company. If the objects are regarded as justified, the company shall immediately provide the service again.  


A. In the event that the company cannot provide the services due to the following cases, the company shall not be liable to any damage to the member.


   In the event of acts of God, or Force Majeure    In the event of intentional interruption by the 3rd party who has concluded the service contract with the company to provide services.


   In the event of service obstructions because of the reasons attributable to the member    Other unintentional obstruction by the company except the provision 1, or provision 2  


B. The company does not give any assurance for the posted information, data, and the reliability and accuracy of the facts provided to the service by CP, or by the member. The company shall not be liable to the member's damage.  


A. This agreement shall be stipulated and executed by the statutes of the republic of Korea, and in the event disputes do arise between the company and the member regarding the service use, such disputes shall be settled under the jurisdiction of courts in the address governed by civil procedure act.  


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