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  • "Happy employees provide customer satisfaction"


    By opening the Andwise 2.0 generation...

    After being established in 2008, Andwise endeavored to make a company with happy employees.

    Each member kept the belief of having competitiveness throughout development.

    The next 5 years will be a period of actualizing the aim of overseas expansion.

    Andwise will endeavor to do its best for the success of its customer's marketing efforts.

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    Andwise (

    James Ko

    October 1, 2008

    (135-821) 501 YooHwa Build, 45gil 8, Hakdong ro, Gangnam gu, Seoul ( Nonhyun dong 117-8)

    2013 April INNO-BIZ acquired certification


    2012 December selected as special small SW enterprise the grand forum by ministry of knowledge economy


    2012 November awarded ministry of knowledge economy secretary commendation and a man of merit citation of software industry day


    2012 November acquired ISO quality management certification


    2012 June selected as small business administration establishment growth technique develops business support task


    2010 October acquired Thundermail v5.0 administrative SW certification


    2010 June acquired Thundermail v5.0 GS certification


    2009 July established annex research institute


    2009 June venture company certification


    2008 October established ANDWANGS incorporation

Andwise is a professional digital marketing communications enterprise.


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    Jiniworks XE is equipped with the latest web standards and accessibility. It is a web contents management system, which allows the creation and distribution of editable content, that can be easily used by anyone.

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    ENPICK is an effective social media management and analysis system. ENPICK provides social media management features that allow you to publish, monitor, and listen. It also provides social media marketing analysis of competitors’ activities, as well as yours, to help you make smart marketing decisions. Stay engaged in the conversation in real-time with ENPICK.



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Hakdongro 45 gil.8 Gangnamgu. Seoul. KOREA.

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